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SonicAger™: ultrasonic appliance for quick food aging

SonicAger™ is an appliance for tenderizing and cooking vacuum-packed foods has been designed following the suggestions of professional cooks and allows you to get a new level of goodness of food and efficiency in sous-vide cooking. Thanks to the energetic action generated by the ultrasound on the food to be cooked, the marination and maturation times are considerably shortened, foods are tendered, the flavors enhanced while the nutritional characteristics and colors are preserved. Moreover, thanks to the ultrasonic waves that generate a multitude of high-energy microscopic bubbles that collapse on the surface of the food, the bacterial charge is reduced prolonging the shelf-life. Finally, the temperatures and cooking times are reduced because thanks to the intense vibrations the temperature into the cooking bath is more uniform and the penetration of heat into the food is faster.

Different operating modes provide different effects to the food inside the cooking bath and in this way, the cook can program and save independently the best cooking cycles for always new and tasty recipes.


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