About us

Italynnova supports companies and individuals in the conception, design, and development of innovative products.

We are qualified engineers and managers with decades of experience in the field of innovation, design, and product development.
We have participated in important international projects in the field of Smart Energy Management and Smart Cities alongside the main players in the sector. We have received important awards such as the “Haier Washing Machine Water Saving” contest and the “Electrolux Innovation Award 2013”.
Over the years we have collaborated and designed products for a few global companies, and for many small and medium-sized ones.
We collaborate with universities, research institutes, companies, and professionals from all over the world, to offer our customers the right competencies to make their new product successful.


Our goal is to develop and transfer SMEs our skills and experience gained over the years of working alongside big companies.


Our skills:

  • innovation and technology scouting;
  • strategic evaluations of the new product;
  • management of product development from the concept to the production start;
  • support the product life cycle in all its phases (from the cradle to the grave).

Italynnova operates within Open Innovation models: we channel the new ideas of inventors and start-ups to large companies and transfer the skills and experience acquired in large companies to SMEs.




Meet The Team

Edi Fabbro

Innovation Manager & Ceo

Lisa Fabbro

Marketing, Team Assistant and Founding Partner

Russian State Scientific Center for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics (RTC)

Nertwork Partnership