Imagination Innovation Engineering

We are a company specialized in the design and development of innovative products and services in the domestic and professional appliance sectors, consumer goods, IoT applications, and Smart Cities.


Creativity Innovation Engineering at your service.

Italynnova can give you support in all phases of the development process, from the concept, to the prototyping, to the industrialization and production launch of your new product. We can also develop the project turn-key on behalf of your company, starting with your wishes.


Italynnova also offers assistance in the field of intellectual property and agreements to guarantee you peace of mind, from the idea to the market.

Are you a small company and do you have an innovative product or idea to develop?
For you an hour of free consultancy:


Our unique and tailor-made services for your company:

  •  product life management;
  •  resolution of development problems;
  •  delivery of the project with intellectual property;
  •  negotiations with service and component suppliers;
  •  procurement of components;
  •  support for certification activities.
Sonicager l'innovativa macchina per il trattamento dei cibi ad ultrasuoni
Pordenone Smart City: electrical energy monitoring system
Wireless thermometer for HACCP data tracking
Pordenone Smart City: electrical energy monitoring system
Flammable liquids level sensor
Piezo Speaker with very low thickness (2-3mm)
Optical simulation

What We Do

An idea becomes a project. A project becomes a product.
We are experts in product innovation. Partners for your business.

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