Imagination Innovation Engineering

We create value for companies determined to grow through the design and development of innovative products and services. We are particularly experienced in household and professional products, automotive, consumer goods, IoT and Smart Cities applications.
We provide a product, not just a design service.
We can accompany the customer throughout the development process to provide a unique and tailor-made service in a timely way and with the right quality and cost level. To achieve these goals in an optimal way, we operate within a wide network of leading professionals and companies in the industry to provide all the competences you need for a fast, reliable, and effective development process.
We believe in ideas, competence, experience, but even more in people and relationships.

Sonicager l'innovativa macchina per il trattamento dei cibi ad ultrasuoni
Pordenone Smart City: electrical energy monitoring system
Wireless thermometer for HACCP data tracking
Pordenone Smart City: electrical energy monitoring system
Flammable liquids level sensor
Piezo Speaker with very low thickness (2-3mm)
Optical simulation

What We Do

From the idea generation, through the prototyping to the final product, exploring new, simple and functional solutions