What We Do


Are you looking for new features for your product? Do you want to put your product on the internet? Whether the solution is a sensor that does not yet exist, a smart actuator or an IoT system to provide a new range of services to your customers, we can help you. We cooperate with research centers, universities, and highly specialized companies, both in Italy and abroad, to offer you a wide range of skills to develop an innovative and unique product.

Do you want to grow internally some new skills that you feel are needed for the future development of your business? We help you to identify the most appropriate technologies and we transfer them to your business to make your products successful and profit generators.

Very lowcost colorimeter Sensor with diffusion sample taking Shape memory actuators RFId applications 9 axis Sensore Building sensor

Are you looking for future business ideas but your R&D team is too busy with production issues? We can help your company to create new ideas, to select the most promising and to give you the vision through mock-ups and concept development. We plan the next development steps by evaluating the necessary resources, costs, and time required for the production, so as to shorten as much as possible the time to market and therefore the return of the investment. All this will allow you to make quick, data-based and fact-based decisions, providing you with the path for a clear DEVELOPMENT of your new product.


Innovative Barbeque Chromotherapy system Coffee machine i-CareU lifesaver Portable BT Player  Ideas selection and prioritization

We can provide you with a turnkey project or we can integrate ourselves into your R&D team to the extent necessary to define, develop and deliver an objectively validated project of your new product. We can take the responsibility of the product target assessment and of the specification writing, mechanical and electronic design, prototype development, industrialization, testing, certification support and product launch, and the overall Project Management activities.

3D Mechanical design Simulation tools First electronic prototypes 3D Printing Visual inspection System integration and test

Does your product do not have the right performance? Are there recurring or frequent faults? Is the component cost too high? Do you want to have an objective basis to handle your purchase negotiations with the suppliers? We can assess your current product by analyzing your project and components, by evaluating its cost and expected performance compared with the current ones. We can help you to identify possible project or production problems; we inform you about the potential cost savings on the finished product and, if so, to contact alternative most convenient suppliers.

Design analysis Project validation Optimal solution

Do you know how much a project costs you? Do your designers have the right information to firstly estimate and then monitor the costs and development times? Project Management is in our DNA and we firmly believe that only a careful planning and a good project management bring the expected results. We can implement in your company the methods and tools best suited to well manage your projects and your R&D resources.

What will be the right time to make a patent? But, if I do not use it then? how much will it cost? We can help you answer these and other questions and to prepare a strategic plan for the realization of your new patent, its drafting, and its economic exploitation.

Are you an inventor and would you like to see realized your idea and make it fruitful? We accompany you in the process of transforming your idea into a product or service desired by the market.

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