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30 July 2018

Polluted air also causes serious damage to our brain

On 22/07/2018 was celebrated the World Brain Day and this year's main theme was: "Clean air for healthy brain".

The World Brain Day is an international event promoted by the World Neurology Federation, this year dedicated to the dissemination of information on the negative effects that environmental pollution causes not only to the lungs but also to the human brain.

"Atmospheric pollution consists of the widespread, often invisible, contamination of harmful bioaerosols containing pollen, spores, particles and toxic substances. Pollutants can derive from natural sources or be due to human activity ". Every year around 9 million deaths are estimated worldwide, of which almost half a million in Europe, as a result of heart disease, stroke and neurodegenerative diseases, lung and cancerous diseases due to air pollution.

A large part of the pollutants is due to human activities and in particular from the use of fossil fuels, chemical substances used in agriculture and industry but also in household cleaning or cooking.

What to do? We must be aware of the risks associated with air pollution, recognizing the possible sources of pollutants and implementing appropriate actions aimed primarily at reducing emissions and therefore at the sanification of the environments in which we live.

Italynnova considers clean air as one of the essential elements for a healthy life and has created several systems that help first to assess the quality of the air in the environments in which we live and, if needed, to remove pollutants that may be present.