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23 January 2017

Edi Fabbro wins the contest "Haier Washing Machine Water-Saving".

Haier Open Partnership Ecosystem (HOPE), launched the "Haier Washing Machine Water-Saving" contest with the aim of gathering innovative solutions to be introduced into the domestic washing machine. According to Haier's studies, the washing machine accounts for 40% of household water consumption, and the objective for the participants was to propose solutions that give at least 30% savings on water consumption.
The competition was attended by 126 universities, research institutes, experts and companies around the world.
The solution proposed by Edi Fabbro along with the Plus-Engineering partner was the first winner, with AquaFresco an American startup incubated at the prestigious Boston MIT.
During the event held in Beijing on November 19, Edi Fabbro was invited to attend, together with some experts and representatives of the Chinese government, at a round table on the topic at the center of the event, where he talked about the evolution of the water savings within the household appliances and future oulook.
In addition to the prize, the winners of the contest are offered a technical collaboration with Haier in different areas of development of new products.