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DEUS - Ultrasonic deagglomerator for denstists

Nanoparticles, in the modern filling materials used by the dentist, are strongly agglomerated.

DEUS is an ultrasonic device for improving the properties of filling materials; Thanks to an intense ultrasonic treatment, DEUS is able to deagglomerate and homogenize the ceramic nanoparticles inside the polymer.

After the ultrasound treatment, the adhesion of the filling to the teeth increases by 2-3 times; furthermore, it ecreases the risk of bacterial infection and the filling finishing becomes the same as dentin. These results are confirmed by clinical investigation in which they were treated with DEUS different products including: Filtek Ultimate, ITENA Perfect Feel, Charisma - Heraeus Kulzer, Charisma Opal - Heraeus Kulzer, TeEconom - Vivadent, Dentlight Flow.