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Modula: the first modular anti COVID-19 system

Modula was conceived by a collaboration between Italynnova and Ideaprototipi; it is the first modular anti-COVID-19 system entirely made of stainless steel, for the control and secure access to public environments and workplaces.

Modular according to needs, it is equipped with a thermal imaging camera that detects the body temperature of a person and signals if the temperature exceeds 37.5°C with a voice alarm; it is also able to recognize if the person wears the mask on the face and if it is not present, a vocal message requires you to wear it before passing on. A second module is equipped with a disinfectant solution dispenser which is activated without direct contact. There are also other modules to complete the needs: disinfectant box, monitor for the explanation of the entry procedures, etc.

The system is able to operate without connection to the mains and is equipped with a battery that guarantees up to 18 hours of operation so that Modula can be easily moved, and can work even in the event of a blackout.

For more information contact Idea Prototipi.