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Ultrasonic extractor for gastronomic and oenological use

Sonicook™ is a sonicator that uses ultrasound to allow chefs and winemakers to develop new recipes for results never experienced before. Thanks to the ability of ultrasonic waves to homogenize and mix, you can create completely new dishes and surprise your guests with tastes never tried.
Using this "sonicator" you can prepare cold coffee and tea, create stable emulsions with vinegar and oil or make infusions with your favorite herbs and fruits, prepare your liqueurs adding to the basic spirit all kinds of spices, flowers or fruit, marinate and tenderize fish and meat, enhance the taste of your wines and much more.

And all this in a couple of minutes and preserving in the best way the nutrients and colors of the treated products.


Technical info: Ultrasound 1000W, Operating frequency 22kHz  ± 10%,  ~ 230V ± 10%

The appliance is completely programmable in terms of cycles, times and these ultrasound operational modes:

- AFC (Automatic Frequency Control)

- AM (Amplitude Modulation)
- FM (Frequency Modulation)

Different modes of operation provide different effects to the treated food or drink so the cook can program the machine for the best results and store the favorite recipes to repeat them whenever he wants.