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Vacook™ WiFi: the professional thermocirculator for a perfect sous-vide cooking

The low-temperature cooking in vacuum bags has become commonly used in the kitchen; the foods cooked in this way maintain their organoleptic and nutritional properties at their best and are more tasty and soft, as well as guaranteeing a greater yield of the raw material.

Italynnova has contributed to the creation of Vacook WIFI of Besser-Vacuum*, an innovative thermocirculator for cooking sous vide, patented and already awarded for its highly innovative features.

The TOM (Touch On Metal) interface hides the keys behind an all-steel front panel, for unparalleled robustness and maximum ease of cleaning.

An APP allows you to control Vacook from a mobile device; useful for both to the professional chef who can experiment and memorize his recipes, and for the less expert cook who, thanks to a unique function of its kind, allows to set cooking times and temperatures by inserting the type of food to be cooked, its size, the initial temperature and desired cooking degree.

In addition to this, each cooking process is monitored and stored on the cloud with the possibility of repeating exactly the same recipe whenever necessary, the recipes can be sent from the mobile device to the thermocirculator both locally and remotely via the Internet.

Sous vide cooking is accurate science and Vacook WIFI stands out as top support for both beginners and professionals.

*Besser Vacuum is an Italian company leader in the production of professional and domestic machines for vacuum and sous-vide cooking.